Chinas land satellite data receiving station network has been fully constructed

Release time: 2017-06-01

In May 31st, the high resolution of major projects of national science and technology to Chinese observation system of remote sensing satellite ground station land observing satellite data receiving stations nationwide network construction project in Beijing through the national acceptance, marking China's terrestrial satellite observation data receiving station network fully completed. The station network makes our country direct reception range of satellite data covering the entire territory and the 70% Asian region, to fill the gaps in Western China and the South China Sea and other important strategic areas, enhance the application of remote sensing data of our country service ability.

The national land observation satellite data receiving station network project after years of research, construction, operation and development, has formed a comprehensive national bureau of Beijing satellite data grid station MiYun Railway Station, Kashgar Railway Station, Xinjiang Hainan Sanya station and Beijing headquarters consisting of receiving. At present, network has all-weather, all day long, multi resolution satellite data receiving ability, support resource satellite series, environmental satellite series, high satellite series, space satellite series and pilot international important land observation satellite more than 20 domestic and foreign satellites data services, and have related station network operation management and data transmission capabilities, to provide efficient application and scientific research in all areas of the National Remote Sensing business, significantly improve the supporting ability of remote sensing data in china.

Before we have our own remote sensing satellite ground station, we can only obtain the corresponding information by purchasing foreign satellite data, which is difficult, time sensitive and limited in number. In order to meet the urgent demand of the development of remote sensing in China, in 1986, China built its own remote sensing satellite ground station, including the Miyun data receiving station located in Beijing suburbs and the data processing center located in Beijing. However, the data receiving range of MiYun Railway Station can only cover about 80% of our country's land area. This situation has long restricted the development and service of land observation satellite ground system in our country.

Therefore, in 2007, the national science and technology special project for high resolution earth observation system was officially approved. The station network project was launched and the ground borne satellite ground receiving system was integrated as a whole by the remote sensing Earth Institute of the Chinese Academy of sciences. Beijing MiYun Railway Station, new Sanya station and Kashgar Railway Station. Among them, Kashi built satellite data receiving station to fill the blank of western civil satellite data, to solve the lack of remote sensing satellite data in Western China and the surrounding region; Sanya satellite data receiving station built direct access to the South Seas force for the first time to stretch our terrestrial satellite observation data, to solve the long-term lack of satellite remote sensing data the situation in the South China Sea and the surrounding area.

During the construction of the project, a number of technological innovations and breakthroughs have been realized, which is of great significance to the use of space information to safeguard national interests. The satellite data received in China is mainly used in scientific research, disaster monitoring, environmental monitoring, forestry, land resources, city planning, agriculture, water conservancy, meteorology, marine, mining and other fields, made outstanding achievements in the protection of national major task needs and business applications, play a significant role for the society economic construction.